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What data is collected?[edit source]

Information you provide[edit source]

Your public contributions to the site[edit source]

When you make a contribution to this site, you are creating a permanent, public record of every piece of content added, altered or removed by you. The page history will show when your contribution was made, as well as your username (if you are logged in) or your IP address (if you are not signed in). Unless this policy says otherwise, you should assume that the information you actively contribute is publicly visible and can be found by search engines. Please do not contribute any information that you are uncomfortable making permanently public, like revealing your real name or location in your contributions. Also note that your callsign may be linked to publicly searchable records, such as your address and real name.

Information collected about you[edit source]

Information we receive automatically[edit source]

When you visit our webpage, we receive some information automatically sent by your browser. This information includes the type of device you are using, the type and version of your browser, your language preferences, the type and version of your operating system, the website that referred you to this site, what pages you request and visit and the date and time of each request you make to this site. This information may also include unique identification numbers.

Information we collect[edit source]

We actively collect some types of information using commonly used technologies. These generally include tracking pixels, JavaScript, and a variety of "locally stored data" technologies, such as cookies and local storage. Depending on which technology we use, locally stored data can be anything including text and pictures to personal information (like your IP address) and information about your use of this site (like your username or the time of your visit).

Metadata[edit source]

We may automatically receive location information from your device. For example, if you upload an image to this site, we may receive metadata embedded in the image file by your device. This data is automatically added by the device capturing the image, and you may be able to prevent this data being added in your device settings.

IP Addresses[edit source]

When you visit this site, we automatically receive the IP address of your device.

When is this data shared?[edit source]

With your permission[edit source]

We will share information for a specific purpose, with your permission.

Because you made it public[edit source]

Information you post publicly on this site is public and is not protected by this policy. Please carefully consider your desired level of privacy before posting personal information on this site.

For legal reasons[edit source]

We will access, use, preserve, and/or disclose your personal information if we reasonably believe it necessary to satisfy a valid and legally enforceable warrant, subpoena, court order, law or regulation, or other judicial or administrative order. We will attempt to notify you via email before we disclose any personal information in response to a legal demand, provided we are not legally restrained from doing so, and that doing so does not pose a credible threat to life or limb.

If the site is transferred to a new owner[edit source]

If this site is transferred to a new owner, we will continue to keep your personal information confidential, except as described in this policy. An announcement will be posted on the Ham.Wiki blog at least thirty calendar days prior to the transfer of any personal information.

To protect the site and its users[edit source]

We may disclose your personal information if we reasonably believe it necessary to detect, prevent, or otherwise assess and address potential spam, malware, fraud, abuse, unlawful activity, and security or technical concerns. Users with certain administrative rights may be able to access to limited amounts of otherwise nonpublic information required for the functioning of their roles in the administration of this site. We may also need to access and share information to investigate and defend ourselves against legal threats or actions.

We may disclose your personal information if we believe that it's reasonably necessary to prevent imminent and serious bodily harm or death to you or another person, or to protect our organization, employees, contractors, users, or the public.

With service providers[edit source]

It is not possible to run this website without some third-party service providers or contractors. We provide your personal information to these service providers as needed so that they can perform their services, or to use their tools and services. We put requirements, such as confidentiality agreements, in place to help ensure that these service providers treat your information consistently with, and no less protective of your privacy than, the principles of this Policy.

How is this data protected?[edit source]

We strive to protect your information from unauthorized access, use, or disclosure. We use a variety of technical measures, policies, and procedures (such as access control procedures, and network firewalls) designed to protect our systems and your Personal Information. Unfortunately, there's no such thing as completely secure data transmission or storage, so we can't guarantee that our security will not be breached (by technical measures or through violation of our policies and procedures).

We will never ask for your password by email (but may send you a temporary password via email if you have requested a password reset).

Changes to this policy[edit source]

Over time, changes in technology, law, and the practices of this site, it may be necessary to modify this privacy policy. We reserve the right to do so in the following manner:

  • For substantial changes, we will post an announcement on the Ham.wiki blog and provide thirty calendar days notice prior to the change.
  • For minor changes, such as spelling or grammatical fixes, legally required changes, or corrections of inaccurate statements we will post an announcement on the Ham.wiki blog and when possible, will provide three calendar days notice prior to the change.

Contact us[edit source]

Please see Communication